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João Carvalho

Full Stack Developer

Hello! Welcome to my interactive CV! The idea here was to keep it simple and not use any scripts.
As for me, I'm a lover of all forms of art and to me, programming is also a form of art. Creating something cool out of that black canvas is a really rewarding experience. Being persistent and an early bird means I will start strong and not rest until I find a solution that satisfies me.


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Team Leader & Full Stack Developer

August 2019 - Present
Lisbon, Portugal

Currently leading a team developing solutions for insurance companies like Ageas, Tranquilidade, Açoreana, Logo and Lusitânia. Maintaining and optimizing our server and applications as well as developing new features.
Using technologies like TypeScript, Node, Angular, Ionic and Electron, with CouchDB being used to maintain our database.

Postal Worker

September 2016 - September 2018
Alverca, Portugal

Tasked with mail and package distribution across two postal areas, this position gave me a great sense of responsibility and direction. Other tasks included cash transactions and data entry.

Direct Marketing Team Leader

July 2015 - July 2016
London, England

Led a team of direct marketing experts, coaching them on how to deal with clients, how to build presentations and motivating them in their goals. Very rewarding position in terms of personal growth, both mine and my team's.

Direct Marketing Expert

December 2014 - May 2015
London, England

Worked directly with companies like Virgin, Securitas and JOi Telecom, dealing with various people face to face presenting them new opportunities. An enriching experience that taught me a lot about how to present myself to others.


Full Stack Programming Bootcamp

January 2019 - April 2019

A 14 week intensive and immersive full stack programming bootcamp with emphasis on Java and JavaScript. Used technologies like intelliJ, Git and Unix; frameworks like Spring, Hibernate and Bootstrap and methodologies like Scrum and Kanban. Learned a lot of new things about team work, presentations, motivation and above all had a lot of fun doing it!
<Academia de Código_>

Computer Programming

June 2016 - Present

A free online learning platform. It has various short programming courses. I've undertook various web design and development courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, as well as other programming languages and technologies like Python, Java, SQL and Git.

Computer Science Certification

June 2003 - September 2007

A technical course, focused on the basis of computer science, going through the history of computing and its technologies, foundations of programming by learning Pascal and Basic and using computer applications like Word, Excel and Access.
Escola Secundária Alves Redol


Hyrule Warriors Maps

September 2020 - Present

I love the Legend of Zelda series. But Hyrule Warriors is a very distinct entry in the franchise, with a lot of things to do and unlock. Being dissatisfied with the available guides, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own guide app.
Using a Ionic Angular base, I've constructed a simple app that facilitates navigation through each game map.
See project


April 2020 - Present

Moderating a Discord server is a challenging job and upon investigating existing moderation bots I noticed that they either function poorly or hide basic features behind paywalls. What better way to solve that issue than to program my own bot?
Written in JavaScript using the Discord.js library, the bot does all the usual moderation functions and a few automatic tasks. It also keeps a record of user information relevant for moderation.
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Profile Page

August 2019 - Ongoing

Having a physical CV is cool and all, but why not make my own online interactive CV? And you're experiencing it right now! I avoided using any scripts or styling frameworks. Instead I did my best to only use HTML and cool CSS tricks.
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September 2019

A short platforming video game I started as part of a small team of game developers. As the sole software developer, I built the main engine of the game using Game Maker Language. The project was scrapped and the team disbanded, but I kept the basic skeleton of the engine.
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Magic Rides

April 2019

A 24 hour "hackathon", final project of <Academia de Código_>. The theme was Disney Animation film songs, our group had "A Whole New World" from Disney's "Aladdin" and was composed of 6 people. We decided to build a tour guide app. A user would create a profile with his interests and then would choose a city to visit. The app would then match tour guides who were located on that city and had the same interests. This way a person could have a much more personalized trip to a city of their choosing. I was in charge of the front end using JavaScript.
See project

Asteroid Field

February 2019

A challenge to create a simple video game using our still limited Java knowledge. First big project at <Academia de Código_>. I was part of a randomized group of 4 people and we had a week to finish the project. We chose a space themed game were the player had to dodge asteroids.
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E-Mail Address: joao.mendes.carvalh
Code Repository: JohnnyOak85
Social Media: joaopmcarvalho
Discord: Technarchy

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